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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Sae R.

There is not a better place to reach your goals and feel empowered! The biggest tip I can give new costumes is to remember that everyone was new once, everyone had to learn the combinations. Every cla...

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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Dlderot J.

Been working out for over 15 years, definitely found a way to take it to the next level @ Rondeau's . Very, very cardio intensive and more importantly a great place to train martial arts....

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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Theresa S.

Best Workout. Bar. None.  45-minute partner workout that's fun and teaches you the fundamentals of the sport. The bonus is learning how to defend yourself. #Beastmode...

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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Laura R.

I love going to this gym. I love that the workouts are always different. I was a bit intimidated when I first started but the trainers are very encouraging and helpful. They are always cheering us on ...

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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Hope C.

I started taking classes in December and surprised myself by how much I enjoy it. No workout is ever the same and they really take the time to teach you how to do things the correct way. They also off...

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Fitness Kickboxing near North Providence

Maggie . H.

Friendly and encouraging trainers and one of a kind atmosphere!!! An ideal place for those who work out avidly as well as for those who are thinking about joining a gym, but feel intimidated. &nb...

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Fitness Kickboxing near Johnston

Fitness Kickboxing

Keep your body guessing week after week with our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Johnston! We're proud to offer a cutting-edge system that is great for all experience levels. Learn more or get started today!

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Fitness Kickboxing near Johnston

Personal Training

Take on a targeted training strategy and get the most out of every single workout with our Personal Training in Johnston. We're helping men and women of all abilities find success and you could be next!

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Fitness Kickboxing near Johnston

Group Fitness

Find the Group Fitness Class that works best for you! We're offering men and women across Johnston and North Providence access to a wide range of programs that can keep you active and energized like never before!

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Rondeau's Kickboxing


Learn about what Rondeau's Kickboxing is like!



    Your instructor will talk you through the game plan of your workout so you’ll know how you’re going to make the most of your workout. Get your gloves on, let's get it!



    Your instructor will take you through a warm up to get familiar with boxing and kickboxing strikes. Now your body is ready for the workout. Go hard with hook, jab, cross and upper-cut combos. Between each round, there will be a short rest period. Each class ends with recovery stretches and a cool down period.



    High Fives to all and motivation for the next class!

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