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Help Your Family Stay Fit With an In-Home Martial Arts Studio

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Help Your Family Stay Fit With an In-Home Martial Arts Studio

Help Your Family Stay Fit With an In-Home Martial Arts Studio


Does your child typically attend martial arts classes at Christina Rondeau Kickboxing? If their usual classes have been on hold for a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be trying to come up with ways to help them practice at home. These resources will provide you with plenty of tips for setting up your own in-home martial arts studio so that your child can practice to their heart’s content!


Find a Space for Your Studio


You can increase your property values by adding a martial arts studio. When you choose a room for your studio, consider how a future buyer could transform it into a home office, home gym, yoga studio, or other multipurpose space.


     Many people turn their garages into home gyms, and if you clear out this space, you can set up a spacious martial arts studio.

     Is your basement still unfinished? Ready to finally renovate this space? Check out these essential tips for guidance.

     The thought of cleaning out your entire attic might be overwhelming, but don’t overlook the potential of this space for your studio.

     If this renovation project has prompted you to consider other rooms you’d like to remodel, consider upgrading additional spaces in your home to improve the appraisal value of your home.


Guidelines for Buying Martial Arts Gear


Now that your studio space is free of clutter, you’ll have room for martial arts equipment. Check out these resources to ensure that you’re getting durable, long-lasting gear.


     Any child practicing martial arts should have a mouthguard to protect their teeth while sparring.

     If your child needs boxing gloves, ensure that you purchase a pair that isn’t too heavy or light.

     Confused about which brands are worth the money? Reach out to instructors at a local martial arts studio to see which types of equipment they would recommend.


How to Clean Your Studio


Regularly cleaning your equipment and studio space is the key to long-term maintenance. Sanitizing your studio should be a priority.


     Create simple, DIY cleaning solutions to wipe down the surfaces in your studio.

     These cleaning methods will help you ensure that your martial arts equipment does not harbor germs and bacteria.

     Are your children’s workout clothes starting to smell? These tactics will help you get their athletic wear completely clean without wearing them out.


As you supervise your child’s workouts in the studio, you may realize that you would like to learn more about martial arts, too! If you have an in-home studio, martial arts can be an activity for the whole family to enjoy together.


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